The final Collision

The final Collision

This week in Toronto is the last Collision conference ever. A version of it is moving to Vancouver, rebranded as Web Summit. So, this week is a busy one and if you're here, make sure you say hi. I'm going to these things (check out the Decelerator Calendar), including, of course, our event below.

Thanks for your super positive feedback on the video last week - expect actual episodes to be on the way this summer!

Tools on Tools on Tools

More ToToT. Think of it as a nerdy summer entertainment as the show comes along 😄. This episode, Rob and Mud discuss the highlights of WWDC, the new iPad calculator app, Apple Intelligence, OpenAI, Siri, e-bikes, and 3D printing.

Collision Event for Decelerator Friends

Collision Retox 5 à 7 · Luma
Join a select group of founders, investors, and key ecosystem players for a quick scotch post-conference and pre-evening festivities. Hosted by: Decelerator…

Decelerator friends are still invited to this packed 5 à 7 in Toronto on Wednesday. Mention this newsletter to get to the front of the line.


Another BetaKit podcast I cohosted with Douglas (the editor-in-chief) and we talked... WWDC! Did it kill your company? If you want to listen to me contradict myself

WWDC: Did Apple just kill your AI company?
The gang reviews the latest announcements from Apple’s WWDC, including a major partnership with OpenAI, before handing out grades for Big Tech’s AI progress.

Upcoming Events

We've created a specific events calendar here with more detail about where we'll be and when, but at a high level:

June 17-20:We'll be at Collision 2024 in Toronto all week long so hit us up! If you want to see what's happening, here's every event in Toronto that week 😳

July 10-12: We'll be at StartupFest 2024 in Montréal doing something special, and we'll be taking the Startup Train to get there so come join us.