A Crank, A Pedal, Tools & Entertainment

A Crank, A Pedal, Tools & Entertainment
A literal hustle

Hey folks, happy almost summer. An action packed first note to you all! We're one turn of the crank into the production of the show, but in the meantime we've been up to a ton. We even have a special invite for you at the end, so scroll away.

A Literal Hustle

For the newly created Toronto Tech Fest, we thought we'd do something different than the regular schmoozefest. We rented out a... bike??.... from the good folks at Toronto Pedal Pub and forced entrepreneurs to hustle and pitch each other and investors. Let us know if this short feels like your life.

Tools on Tools on Tools

Chris & I spend equal (cough) amounts of time doing show stuff as we do exploring the world of technology, so we created a mini show called Tools on Tools on Tools. The pseudo podcast is where we share what's new in tech, what we're finding cool, and how this definitely won't get us divorced from our partners. We even have a section devoted to that. This week, we chat WWDC, 3D printing, and DASes. 🤓

Collision Event for Decelerator Friends

Collision Retox 5 à 7 · Luma
Join a select group of founders, investors, and key ecosystem players for a quick scotch post-conference and pre-evening festivities. Hosted by: Decelerator…

For what will be likely the last Collision conference in Toronto (or... Canada?), Decelerator friends are invited to a 5 à 7 in Toronto late in the conference. Mention this newsletter to get to the front of the line.


I co-hosted the BetaKit podcast last week and we had on Chris Bryson from New School Foods - fake fish rather than fake beef. He's building this company in Canada, not the US. Have a listen!

‎The BetaKit Podcast Channel: Can this Canadian company make a splash in plant-based fish? on Apple Podcasts
‎Show The BetaKit Podcast Channel, Ep Can this Canadian company make a splash in plant-based fish? - May 31, 2024

Upcoming Events

We've created a specific events calendar here with more detail about where we'll be and when, but at a high level:

June 17-20:We'll be at Collision 2024 in Toronto all week long so hit us up! If you want to see what's happening, here's every event in Toronto that week 😳

July 10-12: We'll be at StartupFest 2024 in Montréal doing something special, and we'll be taking the Startup Train to get there so come join us.